Recuperative Care Center

Recuperative care provides safe bridge housing where individuals experiencing homelessness
can recuperate after emergency room or hospital discharge.

Without this option, these individuals would have no place to recover from their medical condition and could end up back on the street. Our program greatly reduces the cost to the community by taking these individuals from hospital beds into our care. A hospital or other referring agency refers clients to Illumination Foundation’s recuperative care where they receive medical oversight, intensive case management, behavioral health therapy, and substance use counseling.

Recuperative care saves the healthcare system money, reduces emergency room visits and hospitalizations, and increases individuals’ connections to resources to support their pathway to housing.


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The Riverside Recuperative Care Center

The 50-bed recuperative care center spa opened its doors in the City of Riverside
in June 2021 and provides the following:

• Medical respite
• 24-hour on-site medical and behavioral health oversight, including assistance with medications, medical staff triage and assessment
• On-site mental health and behavioral health counseling
• Connection to primary care medical homes
• Connections to other healthcare-related services deemed necessary per the client’s needs
• Illumination Foundation Medical Group primary care provider on site
• Intensive case management services, including assistance applying for income-related benefits, obtaining documents, and transportation services
• Potential connections to housing opportunities

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