Pooja Bhalla

Pooja Bhalla, DNP, RN serves as Illumination Foundation’s Chief Operating Officer and has the overall responsibility for the program operations, developing and implementing policies and procedures that result in quality wrap-services for homeless individuals and families. Dr. Bhalla is a graduate of Simmons College of Nursing. She received her Master’s in Leadership, Health Policy and Nursing Administration from Northeastern University, and earned her Doctorate in Nursing Practice at Northeastern University and her research focus is on “Emerging Leaders and Homeless Health Care.” Dr. Bhalla joined Boston Health Care Homeless Program in 1997 and has worked with the homeless population since the beginning of her nursing career. In 2002, Dr. Bhalla, led the efforts in establishing shelter clinics throughout Boston to bring health care to homeless individuals. Today, the program operates over 50+ clinics throughout the city. Throughout her tenure, Dr. Bhalla has focused on bringing innovative practice models of care such as walk-in access for behavioral health visits and access to preventive care measures during patient encounters. Dr. Bhalla is a member of the National Health Care for the Homeless Council.

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