Mike Haynes

Mike Haynes ran a successful CPA firm as a partner at Comoglio & Haynes. After selling his practice in 1989, Mike was recruited to GT Bicycles, a former client, to serve as CFO. At GT, he was instrumental in increasing annual sales from $47 million to $245 million. In 1995, Mike teamed with the President of GT to take the company public. The following year, Mike was promoted to CEO of GT Bikes, where he successfully led the company until 1999 when GT was sold to the investment firm Questor, owner of Schwinn. In March of 2001, Mike joined the executive team of Specialized as the CFO. This was during a time of financial crisis for Specialized, and over the next three years, Mike proved to be a key member in the company’s turn-around. In 2007, Mike was promoted to the role of COO and continues to be a key executive leader in the organization today.

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